Whether your project is small and straightforward or large and complex, please review some of our most frequently asked questions to ensure your project proceeds as smooth as possible.

How We Operate

Q: When will you start my project?

A: Interior jobs can be scheduled on a date of your choice, in accordance with our schedule. We can give an approximate time frame for exterior projects, then we'll schedule a date before we’re ready to begin. If you need a firm start date in advance for your exterior project or have a special situation, please let us know. During the summer months our backlog can grow quite long. To ensure we can accommodate your project during our busy season, please contact us as early as possible.

Q: Who will actually perform the work?

 A: We have a staff of 8-10 full-time painters. All of our craftsmen are employees, not subcontractors, and are trained, experienced professionals. Most projects will have a crew of 1-3 painters. During our busy summer season we also employ a few college students to help with prep, cleanup and simple painting tasks.

Q: Who will supervise the project?

 A: Greg and Dan Sattler will visit throughout the project to ensure our quality and that the work is proceeding correctly. Each job also has a knowledgeable crew leader that will oversee the work and answer any questions you have during the project. 

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. We carry liability and workers' compensation insurance to protect our customers, our employees and our company.

Q: When will you arrive, and what are your work hours?

A: On the first day of your project, please expect us to arrive between 8:45 – 9:00 am, in order to allow us time to load materials and equipment at our shop. Thereafter, our work hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30 pm. We may request to work Saturday on exterior projects. If we need to make special arrangements based on your schedule, please contact us.

Q: Will you work on my project every day until it’s complete?

A: Yes! Once our crew starts your project they’ll report back every day until it’s complete. Weather and some special situations can delay projects, but we’re committed to completing your project as quickly as possible.

Q: Do I need to be home when the crew is working?

A: No. We can arrange to work while you are away. If no one will be home when we arrive or depart, please make arrangements for us to enter, such as: an unlocked door, a key for our use, a hidden key or an overhead door keypad code. If you have an alarm system, please ensure it is disarmed when we arrive or provide a code for our use. Your home’s security is very important to us. We will accommodate whichever system you feel comfortable with.  

Q: Can we plan the work for when I’ll be out of town?

A: Yes. Many of our customers prefer we work while they are away to make the project easier for everyone. If so, please make us aware of the dates you’ll be gone, and how we can contact you if an issue arises. Please notify your alarm company, if any, that we will be performing work in your home while you are away.

Q: Are your painters pet-friendly?

A: Yes, but please make arrangements to keep your pets out of the work areas.  Please let us know your pets’ names and any specific instructions for them.

Preparing For Your Project

Q: What information do I need for the crew when they arrive?

A: Please inform us of any picture hooks, window treatments or other items that will not be re-installed so we can repair the mounting holes before painting. We always repair any defective or damaged areas we find, but please make us aware of any areas that are of concern to you. Please let us know if there is a specific restroom we should use. If you have specific areas for us to park, please let us know. Unless we are loading or unloading, we will try not to block your vehicle.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my interior project?

 A: We ask that you remove small items such as: pictures, lamps, breakables, knick-knacks, items on kitchen counters, table items and simple window treatments. We will move large furniture and group items in the center of the room before we begin. We remove electrical switch plates, large window treatments, etc. If you do not feel comfortable moving or taking down something large or complicated, please leave it in place and we will take care of it. We always we cover furniture with new, clean plastic sheeting before we begin painting.

If a china cabinet or hutch needs to be moved in order for us to work, please empty the contents so we can safely move it. If the interiors of closets, shelving or cabinets are to be painted, please remove the contents before we arrive. We have garment racks available for your use upon request.

On larger projects, we typically work in one or two rooms at a time, so room contents can be placed in other areas while we work.  If your project has several areas, please contact us so we can work out the sequence for us to proceed.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my exterior project?

A: Please ensure that all of your windows are closed when we arrive, as we typically begin by washing the house. If you have small, breakable items in your gardens or on your porch, please move them to a safe place before we begin. Larger items like planters, statues, patio furniture and barbecues can be left in place; we will protect and/or move them during the project.

Q: Will you protect my gardens and flower beds during exterior painting?

A: We are considerate of the time and care our customers invest in their gardens. We use clean plastic sheeting to protect plantings and shrubs below our work areas. To access our work areas, it’s often necessary to walk through flower beds. If you are planning to have new mulch or plantings installed, we recommend scheduling this work after we complete your project. Sometimes we need to trim plants, bushes or trees away from the house in order to properly prep and paint.

Q: Where will you store your tools and materials?

A: For interior projects we will need a small area, typically in the garage, to keep our supplies and equipment. We can usually keep our materials in our work areas on very small projects.

For exterior projects, we have small trailers for storing our materials and supplies. We will need an area on or near the driveway to store our trailer and ladders. Our trailers are small and can be moved by hand; no vehicles will need to be driven on your lawn.

Q: What if I want to add additional work to my project?

A: If you would like us to perform additional work, please let us know. If our schedule permits, it’s most efficient to accomplish it while we are already at your home. Additional work will be performed on a time and material basis at our current labor rate. If you’d like a written change order estimate, please let us know.

Paint and Colors

Q: Do I need to provide the paint for my project?

A: No. Our estimates include the the costs of all materials needed to complete the project, unless stated otherwise.

Q: What brand of paint do you use?

A: We typically use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paints. We can accommodate customer requests on paint; however, we only use the highest quality materials that are appropriate for the job.

Q: How do I pick out my paint colors?

A: After you’ve accepted our proposal, we can deliver a color deck for your use. We can also match colors from the national paint brands available at most home centers. If you decide on a color that is not from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, please obtain a color chip for our use so we can ensure a proper match.

Important! Color changes are wasteful of time and money. We understand that color choices can be tough decisions. Please help us by taking as much time as you need to work out your selections before our crew begins the work.

Q: What is paint “sheen” and which one should I use?

A: Sheen describes how shiny and reflective the painted finish will be, and also factors into durability. Typical sheens of paint we use would be flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss. We recommend flat for ceilings, matte or eggshell for interior walls, and satin or semi-gloss for trim and woodwork. 

Q: Will I receive paint samples when the project is complete?

A: Yes. We leave labeled cans of all paint used on the project. Please keep your paint samples in a cool, dry place that will not freeze. Original paint samples can be used for future touchups, or for determining color matches for future projects.

Do you do....?

Q: Do you repair texture, cracks or holes in drywall?

A: Yes! We are very experienced at repairing drywall, as well as matching many types of wall and ceiling textures.

Q: Do you remove wallpaper?

A: Yes. Our crew is skilled at removing wallpaper and preparing the walls for painting. In the event your wallcovering is too stubborn for removal, we have methods for sealing down the wallcovering and preparing the walls for a great, lasting finish.

Q: Do you install wallpaper?

A: Yes. We have many years of experience installing all types of wallcoverings. If you’re considering wallpaper, we can help in estimating the amount of wallcovering to order.

Q: Do you do furniture or cabinet spray painting?

 A: Yes! We have a professional spray booth facility at our shop in Perrysburg. We routinely finish kitchen cabinets, doors, shutters, patio furniture and many other items at our shop.

Q: I have rotten wood on the exterior of my home. Can you help with that?

A: Yes. We use marine-grade epoxy fillers for repairing small holes and minor wood rot. We can also help with small carpentry repairs or board replacement. If you have larger areas that need attention, we have a number of trusted carpenters that we can recommend to assist you.

Q: Do you work on remodeling projects?

 A: Yes. We have a handful of trusted remodeling contractors that we work with often. We can also sequence with other contractors that are performing work in your home. Please let us know if there will be other work being done in your home.


Q: Do you require a deposit before the work begins?

A: No deposits are required unless we are ordering custom items (other than paint), such as shutters, wallpaper, etc.

Q: When is payment due?

A: On most projects, payment is due after the project is completed. We’ll mail an invoice that is due upon receipt. We request that you mail a check to our office within a few days. If you would prefer to hand deliver the payment, please contact our office.

On larger projects, or projects with multiple phases, we may request progress payments be made during the course of the job. If required, this will be communicated to you before we begin the project.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We prefer a good-old-fashioned check. Please expect a 3% upcharge for credit card payments. If you would like to make a credit card payment, please contact our office.